CommuniGate Pro - Single Servers 25 users

CommuniGate Pro - Single Servers 25 Users

สอบถาม สั่งซื้อ ต่ออายุ ขอใบสนอราคา 
สามารถติดต่อฝ่ายขายได้ที่ [email protected]
หรือ 095-536-5945, 061-414-7429, 092-696-6941

Total 36,000.00 บาท


CommuniGate Pro is a client - server platform. The CommuniGate Pro Server application is installed on a server computer (or on a multi-server cluster) running any version of Unix, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, or other supported operating system.
WebAdmin Interface

1. The Settings

realm contains pages that allow a Server Administrator to modify the Server kernel and module settings

2. The Monitors

realm contains pages that allow a Server Administrator to monitor server and module queues, communication channels and their states, to browse the Server Logs, and to view the Server Statistics.

If a user is granted an access right to the Monitors realm, additional Monitor Access rights can be granted, too (rights to release and reject module queues, reconfigure the Log Manager, etc.)

3. The Directory

realm contains pages that allow a Server Administrator to configure the CommuniGate Pro Directory services.

4. The Users

realm contains pages that allow a Server Administrator to create and remove Domains and Accounts, and to modify the Domain and Account settings.

5. The Master

realm contains the pages that allow a Server Administrator to grant and revoke Server Administrator access rights, and to modify the Server License Keys.


CommuniGate Pro is the most versatile and scalable VoIP solution available on the market today. Its Signaling engine provides support for SIP and XMPP inter-server signaling, and for a vast variety of SIP, XMPP, XIMSS, ParlayX and CG/PL clients.




Each platform user has an Account created inside the CommuniGate Pro Server user database. The Account name looks like [email protected], and it becomes the user's E-mail, Calendar, SIP, and XMPP address.



CommuniGate Pro is the most advanced E-mail server on the market. It exchanges E-mail with all other Internet E-mail servers using the SMTP protocol and its extensions, and it provides access to Account mailboxes via POP, IMAP, MAPI, and AirSync protocols.



CommuniGate Pro implements the standard Groupware features, such as Calendaring, Tasks, and Contacts. The Groupware data storage is integrated with the Mailbox storage, and each Account can have several Calendar-type, Tasks-type, and Contacts-type folders.



CommuniGate Pro implements an IM/Presence (CPIM) system, merging both the XMPP and SIP models. This system is linked with other CommuniGate Pro components - Rules engine, File Storage, etc.



Many CommuniGate Pro components - such as PBX, WebMail, etc. are implemented as programs utilizing CG/PL - a JavaScript-like language. While the system comes with a large set of "standard" or "stock" applications, the CommuniGate Pro is also a robust platform to develop and deploy various Web-based, Telephony-based, E-mail and Groupware-based applications.



CommuniGate Pro is the most scalable E-mail server (by the tests) and the most scalable VoIP solution (by the published tests) on the market.