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Autodesk Civil 3D

Civil infrastructure design and documentation software
Design and deliver better civil infrastructure with BIM
Autodesk Civil 3D® civil engineering design software supports BIM (Building Information Modeling) with integrated features to improve drafting, design, and construction documentation.
 Relative elevation feature lines
 Dynamic offset profiles
 Connected alignments
 Pipe sizing and analysis
 Plan and profile sheet generation
 Label property set data
 Traverse editor
 Corridor overlap resolution (bowties)

Industry-proven tools for your specific project
Civil 3D features support a variety of civil infrastructure projects including rail, roads and highways, land development, airports, drainage, storm and sanitary, and civil structures.

BIM for civil projects improves outcomes with its ability to investigate multiple scenarios, providing data-driven assurance that projects can be delivered on schedule and on budget. BIM offers shared information throughout the project life cycle, driving compelling results.