Vandyke - SecureFX (1 Year)

Vandyke - SecureFX (1 Year)

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หรือ 095-536-5945, 061-414-7429, 092-696-6941​

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Key Benefits

  • Maintain file systems and documents securely. Transfer files across networks and the internet with a choice of SFTP over SSH2, FTP over TLS, SCP, or FTP for access to legacy systems.
  • Get started quickly Connect to sessions from the main application window using the Connect bar, then organize those sessions with the easy-to-learn tabbed interface.
  • Leverage the high-productivity UI. Drag and drop files to start transfers (Windows only), even between SecureFX and applications like WinZip. Quickly find the files you want to work with using the filter view, bookmarks, and the address bar.
  • Synchronize files. Upload, download, and mirror files. Use filtering to include or exclude files or file types. Store configurations for multiple sites.
  • Recover more easily when transfers fail. SecureFX works to complete interrupted transfers, automatically resuming multi-file transfers.
  • Save steps with integrated SecureFX and SecureCRT®. Set up connections with shared sessions and server host keys. Common sessions and settings reduce repeated steps.
  • Make transfers unattended. The SFXCL command-line client (Windows only) allows you to automate tasks with powerful options like site synchronization. You can also use the built-in task scheduler (Windows only) to schedule transfer and synchronize operations once or at recurring intervals.
  • Comply with Federal standards. Use security protocols that help meet HIPAA, SOX, and other guidelines, including FIPS 140-2.
New in SecureFX 8.1
UI enhancements
(Mac and Linux)
SecureFX for Mac has a new GUI and main toolbar. Mac and Linux versions have new toolbar icons in the Session Manager and Connect dialog.
Synchronized file browsing A "Synchronize File Browsing" option allows lockstep navigation of local and remote folders that have the same directory structure.
Synchronization is more flexible with the added ability to synchronize files on two remote systems. This makes it easier to roll out changes to a production server, to do backups, and to do replication.
Enhanced smart card support On Mac and Linux, select a specific certificate on the smart card (PIV/CAC) to be used for public-key authentication. PKCS #11 certificates are supported. On all platforms, the username can be pulled directly from the specified certificate.
New public-key authentication
options (Mac and Linux)
Certificates can be used as raw key. Public keys can be exported in OpenSSH format and from PKCS #11.
SSH agent (Mac and Linux) X.509v3 keys can be added to the SSH agent.
Time-saving enhancements The Options menu now includes an "Edit Default Session" item so you can quickly change the default session. The Session Manager and Connect dialog right-click menus now include "Expand All Folders" and "Collapse All Folders".
SFXCL enhancements A /ConfigPassphrase option allows the configuration passphrase to be specified on the SecureFX and SFXCL command line. A /NoTempFiles option prevents the creation of temporary files during synchronize and quick synchronize operations.    
User authentication SecureFX supports password, public key, Kerberos v5 (via GSSAPI), and keyboard interactive when connecting to SSH2 servers. Public key support includes RSA (up to 16,384 bits), Ed25519, ECDSA (RFC 5656), DSA, PuTTY PPK, and X.509 (Windows) including smart cards (PIV/CAC). Support for FTP/TLS mutual authentication is supported using self-signed certificates.
Public Key Assistant Support for Public Key Assistant makes uploading public keys to an SSH2 server simple and safe for end users.
Data encryption Choose from a wide selection of ciphers including AES-CTR, AES, Twofish, Blowfish, 3DES, and RC4 to ensure strong data encryption.
Data integrity Guarantee the integrity of each message sent over the network (preventing replay or insertion attacks).
Host identity verification Unique server host key proves its identity to a client as a "known" host (preventing a man in the middle attack).
X.509 certificate user authentication support Smart card-based public-key authentication using X.509-compatible certificates supports highly secure two-factor authentication. SecureFX supports the PKCS #12 (.pfx) standard file format for X.509 certificates and private keys (Windows). PKCS #11 is also supported, allowing a cryptographic token interface to be used. X.509 host key checking automatically accepts the host key if the certificate is valid.
GSSAPI support Support for GSSAPI secured key exchange for SSH2 connections. Mechanisms supported depend on GSSAPI provider. Only the Kerberos v5 mechanism has been tested. For SSH2 connections, the Server Principal Name (SPN) can be specified in the GSSAPI Properties dialog.
PGP compatibility Support for pre- and post- transfer commands allows actions such as PGP encryption and decryption to be executed.
File Transfer
Multiple protocol support SecureFX supports SSH2, SFTP, FTP/TLS, SCP, and legacy FTP in a single client, providing the maximum in flexibility when connecting to a range of remote servers. Support for RFC 2228 Clear Command Channel "CCC" provides enhanced compatibility with TLS servers.
Protocol updates Support for SFTP through version 6.
Site synchronization Select local and remote folders or server-to-server. Choose from upload, download, and mirror options, then fine tune file selection in the synchronization window. Filtering with wildcard support allows files to be included or excluded during a synchronize operation, which makes it possible to do things like exclude an .svn folder. To save set up time, Quick Synchronize and Synchronize dialogs optionally use paths from the active sessions for synchronize operations. Multiple sites are easy to keep synchronized with a synchronize database that supports saving, editing, and executing synchronize operations. Quick synchronize mirror with delete automatically deletes files or folders that are not on the source from the destination, allowing you to exactly match the destination and source. This is also supported in SFXCL (Windows only).
Synchronized file browsing A "Synchronize File Browsing" option allows lockstep navigation of local and remote folders that have the same directory structure.
Multiple simultaneous connections and transfers Set up all of your connections and transfers in one SecureFX application window — avoid cluttering your desktop.
Complete overwrite control Eliminate accidental overwrites of files with SecureFX's option to configure the action for existing files. Options include: "confirm," "always," "never," or "if older."
"Relentless" file transfer Automatically reconnect after a broken connection and resume the transfer.
Resume file transfers Resumes transfer of one or more files — saves time, especially with large files.
Task scheduler The built-in task scheduler allows you to schedule transfer and synchronize operations. Tasks can be run once or set to run at daily, weekly, or monthly intervals.    
"Throttle" transfer bandwidth Limit the bandwidth used during file transfers to keep from consuming all available bandwidth.
Specify number of parallel transfers Specify the number of parallel file transfers, and as transfers are completed, queued files will continually fill available slots.
Move files Transfer and delete files in one step with the /Move flag in the SFXCL command-line utility (Windows only). Drag-and-drop move is also supported by holding down the ALT or Command key.  
Transfer queue When connected to a host, you can now queue up files to be transferred. Transfers are done serially, preventing errors if the remote FTP server doesn't allow multiple connections. Drag files to the transfer queue, resize the transfer queue window, and hide or show columns.
File transfer server support A wide range of file transfer servers is supported by SecureFX including MVS, VMS, Windows, UNIX, and many others.
SFTP ASCII file transfer option Text format files can be sent as raw text rather than in binary format for more compatible transfers of files like HTML and server logs between different operating systems.
Ease of Use
Tabbed sessions Keep your sessions organized by grouping them together as you like. Layout options include vertical, horizontal, and a single group.
Drag-and-drop from
Windows Explorer
SecureFX allows you to drag-and-drop files between a remote server and your desktop, Windows Explorer, and other applications like WinZip.    
Address bar An editable address bar shows the current path of the local or remote session as well as a history of the most recently used paths, allowing you to navigate easily between paths, type paths, or copy and paste paths to and from the clipboard.
Connect bar Use a text entry box on the toolbar to quickly connect new sessions without having to open a dialog. The Connect bar supports command-line options for maximum flexibility.
Bookmarks Set and reuse bookmarks to save time accessing directory locations regularly, especially if directories are several levels deep.
Filter View Quickly find specific folders and files in local and remote sessions by using the toolbar filter. Wildcards make it easy to find the exact set of files you want to transfer.
Easy-to-use UI The visual interface is easy to learn and navigate.
Quick Connect Simple interface to connect with minimum setup; select a protocol, enter a hostname and connect. Quick Connect dialog supports SFTP and FTP.
New Session wizard Guided setup simplifies the creation of new sessions.
Minimal setup Limit the bandwidth used during file transfers to keep from consuming all available bandwidth.
Sound notifications Set up SecureFX to be notified by a sound when a transfer completes, when a session connects, when a session disconnects unexpectedly, or when there is an error.
Customize the toolbar and menu Support for dragging and dropping toolbar and menu items, making it easy to modify the menu and toolbar to suit your needs.    
Multiple platform support SecureFX is available for commonly used Windows (32- and 64- bit), Mac, and Linux (32- and 64- bit) platforms. For a complete listing of supported platforms, see the System Requirements page.
Integration with SecureCRT® SecureFX and SecureCRT can share the global options, session options, and the host key database so you only need to perform operations like setting application defaults, session settings, or accepting a server's host key once. SecureCRT and SecureFX can share passwords and passphrases while either application is running. Launch either application from a toolbar button and specify a session to connect to. A combined installer is available that installs both clients and their libraries into the same folder, making it easy to install SecureCRT and SecureFX and keep them in sync.
Firewall support A wide range of firewalls are supported, including SOCKS4, SOCKS5, CSM, WinGate, WinProxy, and Raptor, unauthenticated and basic HTTP proxy, and generic proxy.
Dependent session option Link a session to an SSH2 session that it depends on, which allows connection to a jump host before connecting to other sessions.
Site organization Create custom sessions and organize them in the Connect dialog in any order as well as alphabetically. Use friendly site names, move sites anywhere in the site tree, and copy/paste site definitions. The Connect dialog allows multiple sessions to be selected and then edited, making it easy to do things like change the passwords for a group of sessions.
Session Manager The dockable Session Manager lets you quickly connect to sessions. The Session Manager pane can be positioned on the left, right, top, or bottom of the SecureFX window or undocked as a modeless dialog. The "classic" Connect dialog is still supported. The Session Manager filter bar helps locate sessions quickly in the session database.
Activator session manager Activator will display all of your current SecureFX and SecureCRT sessions in one handy menu. Activator also acts as an SSH agent so that passphrases only have to be entered once per key as long as Activator is running. Agent support in the Activator allows keys to be explicitly added and removed.    
Personal data folder Optionally store logon credentials separate from other session data. This makes it safer to store sessions in the cloud or on a network drive and makes it easier to share sessions with colleagues.
Import/export tool An import/export tool makes it easier to create a backup or copy SecureFX settings from one machine to another.
Busy site retry Automatically reconnects to sites that refuse an initial connection because of too many users.
Quote commands Send server-specific commands beyond the standard FTP set.
Keep-alive option Keeps connection busy when not in active use to prevent it from being disconnected by a server.
Paste URL command Copy FTP addresses from an email or a browser and open the site in SecureFX.
Configurable sound notifications Assign sounds to play on connect, unexpected disconnect, transfer complete, and error. SecureFX supports .wav sound files.
OpenSSH public and
private key format support
Generate keys in OpenSSH format or convert VanDyke Software format private keys to OpenSSH format so that the same keys can be used with other Secure Shell clients.
Enhanced host-key
Key management in SecureFX includes the ability to view, import, and export host keys.
Remote file editing Right-click on any file on the remote site and open it for editing. Optionally, the file being edited is uploaded to the remote server each time the file is saved on the local machine.
Command-line automation
with SFXCL utility
Use SFXCL to automate routine secure file transfer operations with batch scripts. Combined with public key-only authentication, it is possible to automate secure, unattended file transfer processes. SFXCL also supports deleting, renaming, moving, and listing files.    
Change file permissions on
Change read/write/execute permissions as allowed by logon.
Upload file permissions Specify file permissions for uploaded files.
Use environment variables
in paths
Use environment variables like APPDATA, TEMP, and USERPROFILE in paths specified in SecureFX global and session options, making it easier to move/copy settings to other machines and to create configurations that will work for multiple users.    
Execute local shell command Do port knocking or run a batch script before connecting to a session using the execute local shell command option.
Resolve symbolic links Select this option to automatically resolve symbolic links.
MSI installers MSI support allows you to distribute the applications through your distributions server using Group Policy and to automate installs through SMS or other install programs.    
Autohide dot files With this option on, dot files such as .cshrc and .login are not displayed and do not clutter the file listing.
Default upload file permissions Whether you need to make sure only you can read your files or make sure that the uploaded files are readable by the world, you can define UMASK permissions for each site to get the needed results.
Time zone configuration Set remote time zone manually for accurate time/date comparisons between local and remote.
Filename conversion on
Force filenames to lowercase or uppercase.
Enhanced file permission
Ability to change permissions on multiple files at once has been added. When connected to VShell® for Windows version 2.2 or higher, the Properties dialog for the remote file or folder has a Security tab that allows ACL permissions to be viewed.
IPv6 support IPv6 addresses can be specified as session hostnames.
Evaluation, Updates, Support
Free evaluation copy Official software releases can be downloaded and evaluated for 30 days without charge.
Open beta software releases Beta software releases can be downloaded and evaluated for 30 days without charge.
One-year software updates All registered users receive a year of software updates. An option with three years of updates is also available.
One-year technical support All registered users receive a year of technical support by email from VanDyke Support. An option with three years of technical support is also available.
Software maintenance available Software updates and support are available after the first year for multi-computer licenses.
Section 508 Compliance
Rehabilitation Act Section 508 compliance Section 508 requires Federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities. SecureFX has been registered as a compliant product with the Section 508 database. Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) documents detailing this compliance are available in Microsoft Word format here: View the SecureFX VPAT